2021 Campers Coverage Guide


In Ontario, camping continues to be a topic of conversation when it comes to provincial COVID openings. As the date of all openings moves closer, we’re here to help you prepare for the safest camping season yet. Here are our top 4 ways for you to stay safe and smiling:

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Know what your policy is doing for you

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firstly, understanding what exactly you are covered for while camping is a big thing many people miss once they have received their policy. Although most trailer policies would seem similar if not identical, when you add your trailer to your auto policy the coverage isn’t as extensive. In most cases, your auto policy actually does not cover you when your vehicle is detached from your trailer. Considering covering our campers is our specialty, we don’t want you to worry about your every move or worse, having a claim that isn’t covered. For more of an understanding about trailer insurance vs. trailer add-on insurance check out this blog.

Prepare your proof of insurance

Next, this is an important thing to consider as many campgrounds these days request this upon arrival. Therefore, having a copy of your proof of trailer insurance in your trailer saves time. This in turn leaves more time for your camping experience. For your knowledge, proof of insurance can take the form of a certificate of insurance or the declaration page of your policy. For more specifics about what proofs of insurance look like and how to get them check out this blog.

Following rules means following fun

This is a given, but do you do it? Sometimes we want to break the rules, we’re human. Frankly, most rules are put in place to protect you from situations that can result in serious consequences. Not only that, but obeying signage also saves park workers from dealing with arising issues as opposed to focusing on park-related tasks. Especially with COVID-19 restrictions, employee enforcement is important now more than ever. Overall, by following the signage posted around the park you protect not only yourself, but the people around you and your campground.

Prepare smarter not harder

A lot, but not all, claims can be prevented if campers took preventative measures to ensure their own and surrounding parties safety. These measures can be simple pre-camping checks that lower the possibility of unwanted claims. Here are some things that might make your camping experience safer this season:

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In conclusion we want to ensure you remain claims free. This not only prevents devastating, permanent loss but also saves you money from any future increases in insurance that may result from these claims.

Following these guidelines will help keep you and your fellow campers safe and leave you with more time for your next adventure. On the other hand, keeping campers covered is what we do best. But why not help us out by covering yourself more than ever before. 

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