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Archives for April 11, 2021

Advice From the Experts: Trailer Insurance

Recently we got the chance to chat with one of our trailer experts Natalie about travel trailer insurance details. She introduced an important topic that she has realized not many people know about. Auto policy coverage in terms of travel trailer insurance!  

Trailer Add-on Specifics

An automobile policy is the policy you that covers your regular driving vehicle. That is obvious. What isn’t obvious is the coverage when towing a RV. While towing your trailer, liability is usually included in your auto policy. However, this is something you will want to check with your broker on.

Ultimately, you are only covered by your auto policy when on the road towing your trailer. An auto policy does not cover your trailer when it is parked in a park and detached from the vehicle. Therefore, having your trailer included with the auto policy only covers you in the case of an accident while towing, not while enjoying your next adventure.  

Travel trailer insurance ontario

Choosing a Policy

Most campgrounds require their campers to have $2 million in liability coverage. With that in mind, here are three options for trailer coverage:

Option 1 – Auto Policy Add-on

Targeted Trailer owner:

This is for people who don’t want a specific trailer insurance policy. Overall it is for campers who would rather just have liability coverage. Or, these campers are fine with paying extra for more coverage if need be.

This option allows for you to add a typical liability coverage to your current automobile policy. As stated, this is typically included within your auto policy. However if you want more coverage it is an option with several insurance companies.

Option 2 – Travel trailer policy

Targeting Trailer owner:

This coverage option is meant for people who do a lot of travel during the summer from park to park. It also might be better suited for someone who uses different vehicles from different policies to transport their trailer.

This policy covers your trailer when its parked and detached from your vehicle as well as when towing. Considering there is great risk both when towing a trailer and parking it, this policy ensures you’re fully covered. Click here for more details about our travel trailer program.

Option 3 – Park Model Policy

Targeted trailer owner:

This policy should be considered by trailer owners who either live in the trailer or use it as a semi-permanent seasonal dwelling.

A park model policy tends to have less risk since the trailer isn’t towed, making the premium lower. Overall this option covers trailer liability and damages when parked in a campground. In MBK’s park model insurance package you can also add on additional coverage. This could include your golf carts, decks and other camping specific items. Click here for more details about our park model program.

“The auto policy is not going to cover you for anything that might happen when its parked.”

Natalie believes this is an important thing to consider while using your trailer.  

 ADD-ONS & Trailer Policies Summarized

 Homeowners     Side Note

You can also add your trailer onto your homeowners policy.

However, you run the risk of losing any no-claims discount for your house if you have to report a claim on your trailer.

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