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Business Insurance For My Campground


Whether you are a new campground owner or looking to shop around, understanding what kind of insurance to look for to protect your campground or resort is important. We’re here to help identify the difference, what to expect when looking for insurance and how MBK caters a little bit more to their clients.

Picture This

Hey MBK! I recently purchased a new campground. It’s great. It has 100 campsites, a clubhouse and a great beach. I know business insurance is a must, but I do not know much about it. I know my rv park is a business but is seems different than insurance you would get for a retail store or restaurant. So, what do I do? 

new campground owner

This is something our clients ask about. Many start looking for insurance through companies that provide general, high-risk, high premium insurance. These companies typically provide a wide range of additional insurance services such as auto, life and travel insurance. For all the insurance services our insurance company, Wynward provides, check them out here.

Campground or Business Insurance?

So, I should just contact any company that offers business insurance?

You sure can. Those brokers could take you on.

But you offer campground insurance, what is the difference?

That is a great question. Like we have said, business insurance can give you the general commercial liability and some coverages, depending on the company. Your typical commercial policy is not commonly all-risk but provides you the basics in terms of insurance. Therefore, campground insurance is technically business insurance, it is just more catered to the risks connected to your park. 

A Look at the Differences

Typical Commercial Policy Inclusions

  • Commercial general liability on policies typically cover bodily injury and medical expenses and also serves as protection if you are a tenant.
  • Cyber liability can be related to privacy violations, potential computer security breaches resulting in business interruptions, or copyright infringements.
  • Fire and lightening damages are typically covered however on some policies damages from wind, could be excluded.
  • Business interruption insurance is something that can be added to policies for extra costs. 

M.B. Kouri Campground Specialized Policy Inclusions

  • Pollution clean up coverage is included in the campground policy. 
  • Hydro polls and lines that you own on your property that could cause potential damage to your buildings are covered.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment of individuals on the policy are included. The coverage is similar to a life insurance policy.
  • Vandalism and theft are covered in our campground specific policies.
  • Extra expense endorsement is included and provides inclusion for expenses associated with any claim, no questions asked. 
  • Business interruption is included within your policy.
  • Care, custody and control endorsement covers you in a case where you accidently cause damage to one of your campers property.
  • Rental coverage is available for extra if you have cottages, cabins or trailers that are rented. This ensures that if buildings are incapable of producing income momentarily, it is covered.

*all campground specialized policy inclusions are within MBK’s policy wordings, other campground insurance policies might be subject to change.

With M.B. Kouri Insurance Brokers campground insurance we are more specialized. We include the coverages associated with business while customizing your policy according to what your rv park offers.

We go the Extra Mile

In addition to what we do, we also have some special coverages and add ons offered to campground owners. Some of our highlights include:

Home owners policy

We can easily include your home on your policy, that way you do not have to get a separate policy and unnecessarily additional premiums. 

Watercraft and water toy

This could include certain slides, trampolines and boats. Contact us to verify if your water toy could be added to your policy.

Wagon rides 

Although COVID might restrict this activity temporarily, this inclusion allows for guests and employees to be protected from any dangers that may happen during the rides.


What is a long week like Canada or labour day without fireworks? This is a large risk that some companies don’t take on. Unlike these companies, MBK’s policy guards against any accidents that might happen to guests and surrounding property while enjoying the show! 

What to Expect 

Now that I know what I can have covered at my new campground, what will the process look like?

Another great question! Here is a sample of what might be asked in the quote process.

This includes the year the park was established, number of years you’ve owned it and what your typical season length is

Topics such as fire department & hydrant locations, burglar alarms, fat fryers and extinguishing questions might be asked

This section will typically ask questions around the operations of your business. For example the club house or any snack bar would be included in this part. Even potential trailer sales you take part might be asked

This section would typically ask about the measurements and value of buildings on the campground property.

So the Jury is Out

Should new and experienced campground and resort owners get specialized campground insurance?

Patricia from Saugeen Cedars Family Campground has experience with different insurance companies. Yet she believed MBK offered the right insurance for her campground.

“We left MB Kouri for a few years, but it was a terrible experience. So happy we’re back – you are all great to deal with. You make insurance a very easy process!!! Thank you!”

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Feel more comfortable with the process now? Think we’re the company for you? Give us a call or fill out our application and receive a fast, reliable quote.


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