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What is my Insurance Broker Doing for me?

I Don't Trust the Big Guys

A common perception of insurance institutions, whether brokers or companies is that they cant be trusted. This stems from the big guys worrying more about getting more policies than they do about customers actually understanding what they’re covered for. It also comes from the fact that because there are so many insurance companies and brokers, shopping around is what a lot of people do.

With that being said, we believe it’s important to know that there is a difference between companies and brokers. We want to make sure you know who is where for what. With this, we hope that you can have a little more trust in us or your own broker.   

Wywnard is our trusted insurance company who have been supporting us for over 15 years.

Its About Knowing Who You’re Dealing With

So you’re looking for a policy for your new trailer. Should you go through an insurance company directly or should you go through your local broker?

Here is a secret. When you go through a broker you are going to get more personalized service. Whether its hearing about package options or discussing a claim, your broker should provide you with the one-on-one relationship you’re looking for.

With that being said, we believe it’s important to know that there is a difference between companies and brokers. We want to make sure you know who is where for what. With this, we hope that you can have a little more trust in us or your own broker.   

So you have your insurance policy in place. Say you have questions, should you contact the insurance company or the broker?
Natalie, one of our trusted brokers at MBK.

Natalie, one of our trusted brokers at MBK.

If you have questions about your policy  its best to contact your broker. In many cases if you attempt to contact your insurance company they will refer you to your broker, pass you around on the phone or provide you with a lengthy legal document.

Especially at M.B. Kouri insurance we make sure to explain all those legal stuff in simpler terms. We want to make sure all our clients know exactly what they’re getting and the best way they can protect themselves. 

What about when I report a claim?

Contact us at 1-800-465-6574 to report your claim or if its after hours contact 1-800-665-3351. Either way we are on your team. We take pride on being the middle man and being your go to if anything happens. Click here to make a claim.

So What are the Differences



Dealing with Claims

Insurance Brokers: Deal with any disputes regarding any claims you make on your behalf.

Insurance Company: Deal with the claims themselves. This involves connecting with adjusters and professional, third-parties partners to get the claim resolved as soon as possible. 




Insurance Brokers: We take the time with you to select coverages that are right for what you’re looking for.

Insurance Company: They supply the security of ensuring you wont be left in bad situations without support. 

Get the Right Insurance for You

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Advice from the Experts: Winter Campground Maintenance

It’s winter, you are thinking about the holidays, hot cocoa and cozying up by the fire. The last thing that is probably on your mind is your campground.

Most policies, including MB Kouri Insurance Brokers, offer coverage for loss that could occur during the winter months. These coverages include ice damning and snow load and helps to ensure that damage caused by the unexpected harsh winters does not fall back on you. Although you are covered for damage resulting from winter weather, you can also do your due diligence to reduce the chance of this happening to your business.  

We spoke with our campground insurance specialist and owner Dave Kouri to see how he suggests beating the winter hazards. Hear why its important, stories of losses and how to prevent winter damage.


“I think this is an important topic of conversation. People should know how they can better protect themselves.”

Why is it Important?

Dave can easily vouch for the importance of winter maintenance of a campground. Considering the family ski resort and campground he worked at growing up, he has seen firsthand why maintaining your park is essential during the off season. With that, Dave explains that this coverage has been around for decades, just like the Canadian winters will continue to be. “The best thing to do is prepare for anything”  

Ensuring your campground is cared for is important for not only the campground itself but for potential customers that hold their trailers in the park over the colder months. Dave can account of several cases where snow load, fallen trees, ice and wind has damaged buildings and customers trailers.

Cardinal/Ottawa South KOA Campground Winter Wonderland

Cardinal/Ottawa South KOA Campground Winter Wonderland

Here are 5 Ways to Care for Your Campground in the Winter 

Check snow accumulation on roofs and structures.

Doing this helps prevent snow load where the weight of snow can result in damage to certain structures. Not only this but by clearing snow can also prevent ice damning in eavestroughs.

Lake Edge Cottages
Ensure ANY steps or walkways that are open to the public are clear & salted.

This prevents risks of physical bodily injury to customers, potential visitors or employees. 

Lake Edge Cottages recently installed a safety rail in their hot tub to make winter usage safer!

Check-in with higher risk areas

Monitor or have someone periodically check into the campground on the following elements:

  • Heated buildings to prevent freezing pipes in the case of power outage
  • Highly forested areas for potential tree damage to buildings and trailers


Keeping park security gates & entrances blocked to prevent access to customers trailers

This prevents several hazards from occurring. Firstly, it stops potential trailer owners from coming into areas that are not monitored and maintained. This restricts chances of theft or vandalism of yours or camper’s property as well.

Ensuring you are maintaining your campground helps not only prevent damage but also reduces long term damage that could occur by not checking on your business for months.  

Other things to Consider – Are you Covered Properly

Lake Edge Cottages

Lake Edge Cottages

An area Dave says people fail to consider is contents within buildings. Even though buildings are covered, unless things like machinery and tools are added to the policy, some contents are not covered. He has had cases where winter conditions have caused damage to campground buildings and the items inside.

In a particular case a campground building held equipment and machinery which were damaged beyond repair when the weighted snow entered the building. Because the owner decided not to include this on their policy, which is an option with MBK, the equipment was not covered. Dave explains that it is important to make sure your covered. Premiums are ever so slightly changed with add-ons like that, making it worth it to help prevent situations like that one from happening. 

Dave is Your Guy

If you are not one of our current customers and were hoping to talk about insurance for your campground, park or resort Dave is your guy. Not convinced? Check out his bio by clicking here to see if he is the specialist for you. 

Get the Right Insurance for You

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