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Top 3 RV Insurance Coverages You Should Have

Whether you are owning your first trailer or have past experience, we’re here to share with you what we think are the top 3 best RV trailer coverages you should have. And to let you in on a secret, M.B. Kouri Insurance Brokers include all of them in their policies. 

What is going on?

For people getting insurance for their RV either through an existing policy or a new one, make sure to look over the coverages. Make sure to ask questions and figure out what you’re getting.

As a consumer of insurance, it is just as important for you to know what you’re getting as it is for the insurance companies to tell you. This isn’t always the case as peoples trust in insurance companies has always been on the fence. 

What do I Need?

Lets get to it, these are the top 3 coverages to have for your trailer in order to ensure the best rv experience:

1. Personal Liability 

  1. This includes any compensation you have to provide due to bodily injury that may have resulted to guests on or from your property.

This coverage is rated one of our most important especially if you are within a campground. Even if you are in transient, you most likely do not know much about the environment of the park other than what you’ve read, making this coverage that much more important. 

2. Golf Cart Liability 

This provides insurance up to $2 000 000 for claims that might arise from your ownership, use or operation of the golf cart.

If you don’t already know, golf carts are not covered within campgrounds if they are only on your house policy. Because this is the new way to travel within RV parks, having coverage saves you from anything unexpected.


3. Theft and Vandalism

This provides coverage for your trailer as well as contents included on your policy. Whether one of your possessions are stolen or attempted to be stolen, you should be covered.

Although you can try your best to prevent this from happening, if it does occur it can still be extremely devastating. Theft seems to be more common when trailers are being stored or unoccupied. For that reason, we want to give you the peace of mind where if something happens outside of the adventure season, the financial stress is relieved. For how to reduce chances of theft of property with your trailer check out Katherine’s article about RV Safety

Why is this Important?

Because different insurance companies offer different coverages, having expectations for your trailer is a must. Not only is it important to know what your coverages are but if in the case, which we hope never happens, of making a claim, you know what you’re covered for. To get insight into what we recommend for claims check out our make a claim section.

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The Difference Between Park Models & Mobile Homes

To many, the difference between mobile homes, park models and RVs have blurred lines. Whether looking for a new adventure or solid residence, the never-ending battle after the big purchase for you and the family is, is it a mobile home or park model?

You want to make sure you are insured with the right coverage for the amount of time that you are occupying your dwelling.

Let’s take a look at the distinction and importance of knowing what you’re moving into.

What do the other guys think?

No matter the insurance company, the distinction of what is being covered is important. Many companies question whether the home is a mobile home or modular home. The difference lies primarily in mobile homes being single level while modular being multiple level.

Currently, M.B. Kouri Insurance offers three insurance packages. These are distinguished according to park models, RV’s or mobile homes. To know what insurance packages M.B. Kouri Insurance brokers Ltd. has to offer check out the following:

Mobile Home

  • Stayed in year-round, these are people whose home is the mobile home itself
  • Are within parks where others live in the dwelling year round
  • They have wheels but are commonly removed and skirted after being placed. Although they can be transported to different locations, it can be costly

Park model

  • Seasonal campers that will stay for the season and either have another home, are snowbirds or other circumstances that provide them with different living arrangements come the off-season
  • Typical single chassis axis, around 400 square feet
  • These are still recreational vehicles because they can be moved and transported but can also handle the long-term commitment in a park or resort
Park Model Trailers

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The distinction is important. Its important to us, so it should be important to you. For more information about what our insurance packages cover click here.