What do I do following a loss?

First… breathe. We know that when the unexpected happens it’s a time of great stress, but we’re here for you. As soon as possible, following any loss, connect with us. We can help you assess the situation and we’ll get started on getting your affairs back in order right away. Please have the following information available to facilitate the reporting and claims process:
  • Policy information
  • Contact information (telephone/email)
  • Address where you can be reached
Survey for damage and safety hazards such as live wires and gas leaks. If any of these hazards are found, keep away and contact an appropriate professional immediately. Take steps to mitigate further damage by covering broken windows and torn roof coverings, separating damaged from undamaged business personal property and preventing mold by drying and dehumidifying damp/wet areas. Whenever possible, retain damaged items for an adjuster’s inspection and evaluation. Take photographs of any damaged business personal property prior to removal. Make a list of damaged items and include their age and current value. If possible, have receipts for these items available for the adjuster.