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Park Model & Mobile Home Differences


To many, the difference between mobile homes, park models and RVs have blurred lines. Whether looking for a new adventure or solid residence, the never-ending battle is understanding what type of trailer you are looking for. Is it a park model or mobile home?

What Insurance Companies Look For

What do the other guys think?

No matter the insurance company, the distinction of what is being covered is important. Travel trailers are typically easy to identify as they are commonly towed behind a vehicle. Although they can be parked seasonally in the best Ontario parks and campgrounds, travel trailers are also towed on a transient basis.

When it comes to the more permanent placement of trailers, many companies question whether the home is a mobile home or modular home. The difference lies primarily in mobile homes being single level, while modular being multiple level. Once that is out of the way, getting a grasp for whether you have a mobile home or park mobile is the real kicker. 

Spot the Difference

What am I buying?

Knowing the difference it not something solely based on looks. Similar trailers may be used for different purposes. This creates the coverage differences seen within varied trailer insurance packages. Although the differences might seem minimal, you want to make sure you have proper trailer insurance coverage for the amount of time that you are occupying your dwelling. Because this varies depending on the usage of your investment, it is relevant to consider when reaching out to insurance companies for park model, mobile home or RV insurance. 

Do not fret! Considering we understand the importance of the differences and the battle trailer owners face with distinctions, we are here to cover all the bases. Let’s take a look more at the differences between the two.

Mobile Home

  • Stayed in year-round, these are people whose home is the mobile home itself
  • Are parked within parks where others live in the dwelling year round
  • They have wheels but are commonly removed and skirted after being placed. Although they can be transported to different locations, it can be costly and is not common 
  • These dwellings are typically more equipped for winter and include fire places 

Park model

  • Seasonal campers that will stay for the season and either have another home, are snowbirds or other circumstances that provide them with different living arrangements during the off-season
  • Typical single chassis axis, around 400 square feet
  • These are still recreational vehicles because they can be moved and transported but can also handle the long-term commitment in a park or resort
Park model trailer insurance
Mobile Home insurance Canada

Your Next Step

I know the difference, now what?

Now that you know the difference you can go into the purchase with a clear mind. Once finances and the initial adrenaline of your investment sets in its time to think about insurance options. The last thing you want to worry about it unwanted claims or accidents that you aren’t covered for. Especially while you are trying to enjoy some relaxation. 

Currently, M.B. Kouri Insurance Brokers offers three insurance packages. These are distinguished according to park models, RV’s or mobile homes. To know the best RV insurance packages M.B. Kouri Insurance Brokers Ltd. has to offer check out the following:

Get the Right Insurance for You

The distinction is important. Its important to us, so it should be important to you. For more information about what our insurance packages cover click here.

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