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What is my Insurance Broker Doing for me?


I Don't Trust the Big Guys

A common perception of insurance institutions, whether brokers or companies is that they can’t be trusted. This stems from the big guys worrying more about getting more policies than they do about customers actually understanding what they’re covered for. Additionally, it comes from the fact that because there are so many insurance companies and brokers, shopping around is what a lot of people do.

With that being said, we believe it’s important to know that there is a difference between companies and brokers in terms of what they do for you. We want to make sure you know who is where for what. With this, we hope that you can have a little more trust in us or your own broker.   

Its About Knowing Who You’re Dealing With

So you’re looking for the best insurance policy for you. Should you go through an insurance company directly or should you go through your local broker?


Here is a secret. When you go through a broker you are going to get more personalized service. Whether its hearing about package options or discussing a claim, your broker should provide you with the one-on-one relationship you’re looking for. Check out these benefits of using an insurance broker.

So you have your insurance policy in place. Say you have questions, should you contact the insurance company or the broker?

Natalie, one of our trusted brokers at MBK.

Natalie, one of our trusted brokers at MBK.

If you have questions about your policy  its best to contact your broker. In many cases if you attempt to contact your insurance company they will refer you to your broker, pass you around on the phone or provide you with a lengthy legal document. Especially at M.B. Kouri Insurance Brokers we make sure to explain all those legal things in simpler terms. We want to make sure all our clients know exactly what they’re getting and the best way they can protect themselves. 

What about when I report a claim?

Every insurance relationship is different. So, reporting claims can be done through several channels. Under the circumstances it is advised to contact your broker seeing as they are your representative and know the most about your insurance package. However, many other insurance companies also offer 24 hour claim phone hotlines you can contact in emergency cases.

At M.B. Kouri Insurance Brokers you can contact us at 1-800-465-6574 to report your claim or if its after hours contact 1-800-665-3351. Either way we are on your team. We take pride on being the middle man and being your go to if anything happens. Click here to make a claim.

So What are the Differences

Insurance brokers and insurance company infographic

When you deal with us

We do exactly what we say. So we care about getting you the proper insurance. Because we are specialized, our services include:

Considering our insurance specialization, our primary insurance provider is Wynward. to date, we have had Wynward’s support for over 15 years. 

campground & trailer insurance

Wynward serves their clients by focusing on insightful risk assessment while maintaining a fair and dependable status. Check out what Wynward has to offer

Get the Right Insurance for You

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